USB4 20Gbps Connection Cable C Male - C Male 1m

USB4 20Gbps Connection Cable C Male - C Male 1m

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The AC7431 is an official USB-IF certified USB-C cable that supports the USB4® protocol. The USB4® cable can reach a maximum data transfer speed up to 20Gbps and can handle 240W power because of the Extended Power Range. The AC7431 supports a maximum resolution of one 5K monitor or two 4K monitors in daisy chain mode. Backwards compatible with Thunderbolt™3, USB 3.2 and USB 2.0.

Fast data, high power and video via ONE USB4® cable
The AC7431 includes an intelligent e-marker chip. This chip communicates with the connected devices, e.g. laptop or charger, which features are supported by the cable. The AC7431 can handle data, power and video.

USB4® 20Gbps
The AC7431 USB-C cable includes the USB4® technology. USB4® supports by default the Thunderbolt™3 protocol. The cable supports a maximum data transfer speed up to 20Gbps.

Power Delivery: Extended Power Range 240W
The EPR adds additional Power Delivery profiles, 28V, 36V and 48V, to the USB4® cable. The AC7431 includes the 48V profile that enables the cable to transfer a maximum power of 240W. As cables with SPR (Standard Power Range) only can deliver 60W.

DisplayPort Alternate Mode protocol
The USB4® cable supports the DisplayPort Alternate Mode (DP Alt Mode) protocol to distribute video over USB-C. The AC7431 supports a maximum resolution of one 5K @ 60Hz monitor or two 4K @ 60Hz monitors in the daisy chaining setup.

Officially USB-IF certified
The AC7431 is officially certified by the USB-IF corporation. The cable is tested to the highest standards by USB-IF. The official USB-IF logo can be found on the connector. ACT is member of the USB Implementers Forum, Inc.


Cable length

1 m

USB version

USB4 Gen 2x2

Connector 1


Connector 2


Connector 1 gender


Connector 2 gender


Connector 1 form factor


Connector 2 form factor


AWG wire size


Magnetically shielded


Cable jacket material

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Conductor material

Tinned copper

Maximum data transfer rate

20000 Mbit/s

Product colour


USB Power Delivery


USB Power Delivery up to

240 W

Cable type

Round cable


Output voltage

48 V

Output current (max)

5 A

Packaging data

Quantity per pack

1 pc(s)

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