Cyber Protect Advanced Server - Subscription

Cyber Protect Advanced Server - Subscription

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Managing cyber protection in a constantly evolving threat landscape is a challenge. Safeguard your data from any threat with Acronis Cyber Protect - the only cyber protection solution that natively integrates data protection and cybersecurity.

Features & Benefits

  • Data protection
    • Image-based backup               
    • File-level backup               
    • Local backup
    • Mobile backup (iOS/Android) - Cloud Only
    • ESXi configuration backup               
    • NAS/shares backup               
    • Incremental/differential backups               
    • Backup Window (traffic throttling)               
    • Multi-destination backup (backup replication)               
    • Archive compression               
    • Backup validation (checksums)               
    • Retention rules               
    • Blockchain backup notarization               
    • Bare Metal Recovery (BMR)               
    • BMR to dissimilar hardware (Universal restore), P2V, V2P, P2P, V2V
    • File search across multiple archives - On-premises only
  • Cybersecurity
    • Ransomware and cryptojacking protection               
    • Antivirus and antimalware protection               
    • Exploit prevention               
    • URL filtering               
    • URL categorization               
    • Windows Defender Antivirus management               
    • Microsoft Security Essentials management               
    • Threat Feed               
    • Remote device wipe               
    • HDD health monitoring               
    • Data protection map               
    • Continuous data protection               
    • Scan backups for malware               
    • #CyberFit Score (protection assessment)               
    • Forensic Mode               
    • Scan backups for malware               
    • Safe recovery of the backups               
    • Corporate Whitelist               
    • Autodiscovery (network-based and AD-based machines autodiscovery)               
    • Vulnerability assessments for Windows               
    • Vulnerability assessments for third-party Windows applications               
    • Vulnerability assessments for macOS               
    • Vulnerability assessments for Linux
    • Patch Management               
    • Fail-safe patching: backup endpoint before installing patches               
    • Remote Desktop
  • Management
    • Group management               
    • Shared protection plans               
    • Centralized plans management ("Plans" section)
    • Off-host data management (separate plans for replication/validation/cleanup/convertion to vm) - On-premises only
    • Active Directory integration for authentication               
    • Dashboard configuration               
    • Reports
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