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Baying Kit/ 900mm Deep To 900mm Deep (pdu/UPS To Pdu/UPS)

Baying Kit/ 900mm Deep To 900mm Deep (pdu/UPS To Pdu/UPS)

Part Number: ACDC1005
Language: UK
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Hot aisle containment for high-density configurations.


Cable access brush strip Blocks air from escaping through holes surrounding cabling.
Ceiling tiles Closes off the top of the hot aisle to prevent warm air from mixing with room air.
One-way locking door Secures the hot aisle while allowing for quick exit in case of emergency.
Scaleable densities Scalable densities allows for higher density cooling to be achieved by integrating the Hot-aisle Containment System with in-row architecture.
Modular design Modular design provides scalable solutions to add cooling as demand increases.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Height 1921.00 mm
Maximum Width 35.00 mm
Maximum depth 25.00 mm
Net Weight 2.73 KG
Regulatory Approvals cUL Listed,UL Listed